"Simple" Parenting: Empathy and Redirection
General · 24. May 2021
Simple parenting? I said SIMPLE...not easy. These are two simple, direct steps to help you navigate your younger or older child's big emotions and reactions. These steps are easier said that done, but totally doable for you with some ongoing, intentional work.

Perpetual Problems in Relationships
06. May 2021
You are about to beat your head against the wall. Are you EVER going to get past this argument? It seems like the two of you have been struggling with this issue for the entirety of your relationship. Perhaps the two of you constantly fussing over finances. One of you is better at saving than the other…or perhaps you are both good at saving…or spending…just on different things! Will the two of you EVER move on from this topic? Maybe. Maybe not.

5 Self-Care Tips for HSP's (Highly Sensitive Persons)
12. April 2021
For an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) things can feel like "too much" very quickly. Self-care is the only way thrive. Here are just a few ideas on how to give that to yourself.

25. March 2021
Most of us are afraid of conflict. We find ways of avoiding it or solving it without really having to deal with it. Often all that we do to avoid the conflict can cause more problems than the conflict itself. Perhaps, if we changed the way we see conflict it would change how we respond to it. Dr. David Schnarch, a well known relationship therapist, says that every relationship is like a crucible. Crucibles primarily do two things: they get REALLY hot AND they refine, or burn off impurities.

General · 15. March 2021
David Schnarch, renowned relationship therapist, says: “When we can’t control (or parent) ourselves we try to control (parent) others.” We are all on a journey in learning how to self-soothe. It is an ongoing journey. Self-soothing does not mean we don’t need another person. On the contrary, when we have the ability to self-soothe we are in a better position to call on the support of others AND be that support for them.
General · 14. March 2021
What does it look like to let go of perfectionism in favor of staying present for the long game?